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gotta see these dudes

2011-09-05 20:23:07 by mordecaiSNOTdead

dude go on youtube and check out my bro's channels! The first one is KSIOlajidebt in witch he talks about the crap in fifa 11 that he doesnt want to see in fifa 12 and the last one is the official Randolph. dude he is like the best teenage rapper ive ever heard! my favorite song of his is Fast Black Man. so go check out those channels on youtube and look for the song i listed in here. its really good. see yall!

follow me!

2011-09-04 22:56:33 by mordecaiSNOTdead

Me: hey! you!
you: yeah?
me: follow me on twitter(tordfan101) and facebook!(joshua cervantes)
you: cool! thanks!
me: thats why its going down!

no really follow me so you can get a hold of the stuff i am planning to post here in the future or just because you think im awesome!